OCCURRENCE oc·cur·rence [uh–kur–uhns, uh–kuhr-] noun 1.  the action, fact, or instance of occurring. 2.  something that happens; event; incident: We were delayed by several unexpected occurrences. [divider scroll_text=”Dictionary.com_Occurrence”] [space height=”HEIGHT”] It’s pretty amazing what icing can do to a cupcake.   Or perhaps you favor dressing on your salad.  Whenever we add some flavor to an otherwise (seemingly) bland object, we can end up with some very tasty morsels.  But woe to the […]

Q&A of a different kind

[space height=”HEIGHT”] [divider scroll_text=”Ask_The_Right_Question”] 1) What is the (most succinct and helpful) question (?)? 2) What is the (most appropriate and beneficial) answer (!)? [divider scroll_text=”Propose_The_Best_Solution”] This is one of the foundations of a leader’s fundamental ability to bring (greater) success to any situation.  Any physician, life coach, therapist, personal trainer (you pick the change agent) SHOULD […]

Fitness Professor

I have one of the most rewarding jobs ever.  I have the privilege of taking people of all ages and backgrounds on a quest into health, fitness and good nutrition.  It’s not always easy but it fulfills my passion to see people reach their potential, make a difference for others through service, and often change […]