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[purchase_link id=”829″ style=”text link” color=”” text=”Weight Loss Secrets Revealed…$4.99″]70%…that is the predicted percentage of Americans who will be either overweight or obese within 2 years.  Not only has obesity become an epidemic here in the states but studies are proving that abdominal body fat has a direct correlation with many of the top diseases among men and […]

STOP THE MADNESS (a commentary on the balance between CrossFit and PDS)

[divider scroll_text=”(Please excuse a few of the unprofessional expletives in this video)”] As a lifelong athlete (3 national flag football championship all achieved in my 30’s) and former martial artist (TKD and more recently a Keysi Fighting Method instructor–you saw Christian Bale use KFM in all the Batman movies and Tom Cruise used KFM techniques in Mission […]