My Story

For over 30 years, I have had an obsession with helping people achieve their greatest potential(s).  It started out as a realization that exercise helped people not only look and feel better but perform at a higher capacity in life outside of the gym.  As I began to connect with people and their exterior, it didn’t take long to notice the influence of what was happening in their interior.  This began a pursuit of how our personality, spirituality, and psychology influences our choices and decisions.

Thanks to a voracious appetite for learning, a godly family heritage and surrounding myself with talented mentors, the valuable knowledge and wisdom I’ve learned has helped me grow significantly as a mentor and coach for others.  I’ve been able to partner with thousands of individuals to co-labor towards success in many areas but specifically the areas of fitness & nutrition, Christian spirituality and relationship & marital strengthening.

There has been an inherent duality between our physical and spiritual endeavors and many of these articles will reflect that perspective.

My Skills

Trainer of Pro/Collegiate Athletes


Fat Loss Expert and Performance Specialist


Director of Personal Training


Spiritual Development & Discipleship Coach


Relationship/Marital Coaching