Breaking Free

  Have you ever been stuck in a personal rut that you just couldn’t break free from?  As a personal productivity coach and leadership specialist, I’ve helped thousands of people from all walks of life to replace negative patterns with much more positive and beneficial ones.  It’s not easy but you can do it…with a […]

An Inheritance that truly matters.

Inheritance – what it really is and why it matters. My wife and I attended Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership (link) conference at the end of March (’14). It was a one-day event that summarizes what their leadership mastery series in Nashville covers. Dave and his team of 400 people have built a financial empire that seeks […]

Holy Spirit … the church’s X Factor (pt 2)

Today I want to continue my previous discussion on how many evangelical (and even catholic) churches are embracing the re-evaluation of their doctrine concerning the person of the Holy Spirit.  In previous generations, fear of excess (emotion, disorder and discomfort) prevented many church leaders from even trying to teach and preach about His nature and […]

Holy Spirit…the church’s X factor.

A good friend of mine, Scott Stonehouse, recently preached a sermon on what the bible says about the person of the Holy Spirit.  A subsequent message was focused on the work of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s life.  I’ll include a link to the message here and here is a link to the actual scriptures. […]

Who Am I – Identity edition

Science has afforded me structure to engage in and enhance many of my career pursuits over the last few decades as well as to help me update or upgrade my previous notions on things such as health prescription, relationship counseling, parental coaching, spiritual advising, etc.  I was watching the science channel the other night because […]

Who Are We … Church Identity Edition

Recently I had a discussion with a local pastor about their church’s struggle to overcome a growth plateau.  This is a very common difficulty for organizations that are aspiring to grow and is especially of concern for many church communities.  Funny thing is, I first encountered dealing with plateaus as a budding bodybuilder in 1991. […]

Getting Your Brain Back ( autonomous thinking )

  “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.” – King Solomon “Our love of being right is best understood as our fear of being wrong” – Kathryn Schulz Have you ever been the victim of a fib, half-truth, untrue rumor or fabricated lie?  Well, you […]

Changing Your Perspective

A few months ago I flew to a leadership seminar in Chicago.  Chicago was hammered by snow back in February (2013) but this made for an adventurous time.  We don’t get that kind of snow in Dallas so it’s a nice change of pace.  The biting wind was a little annoying but nothing a little […]

Weight Loss Secrets Revealed…on sale now for $4.99

[purchase_link id=”829″ style=”text link” color=”” text=”Weight Loss Secrets Revealed…$4.99″]70%…that is the predicted percentage of Americans who will be either overweight or obese within 2 years.  Not only has obesity become an epidemic here in the states but studies are proving that abdominal body fat has a direct correlation with many of the top diseases among men and […]

STOP THE MADNESS (a commentary on the balance between CrossFit and PDS)

[divider scroll_text=”(Please excuse a few of the unprofessional expletives in this video)”] As a lifelong athlete (3 national flag football championship all achieved in my 30’s) and former martial artist (TKD and more recently a Keysi Fighting Method instructor–you saw Christian Bale use KFM in all the Batman movies and Tom Cruise used KFM techniques in Mission […]

Change your mind (set)…change your life

When’s the last time you read an engrossing thriller that had you hooked until the very last few pages?  Or a great historical book on men and women performing heroic exploits?  Some of you may prefer to read inspirational or motivational books.  I confess I fall into the latter group and have somewhat of an […]

Self Deception…Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive.” ― Walter Scott, Marmion “People trust their eyes above all else – but most people see what they wish to see, or what they believe they should see; not what is really there” ― Zoë Marriott, Shadows on the Moon “Lies, all lies I tell you!”  Have […]

How to raise your child to be a leader in a follower generation

This video is a great example of what most adults experience every day.  You’re minding your own business when something comes along uninvited and attempts to bring fear or chaos into your world.  How we handle it depends a lot on our predisposition as well as our experience with adversity.  I love how the boy […]


OCCURRENCE oc·cur·rence [uh–kur–uhns, uh–kuhr-] noun 1.  the action, fact, or instance of occurring. 2.  something that happens; event; incident: We were delayed by several unexpected occurrences. [divider scroll_text=”Dictionary.com_Occurrence”] [space height=”HEIGHT”] It’s pretty amazing what icing can do to a cupcake.   Or perhaps you favor dressing on your salad.  Whenever we add some flavor to an otherwise (seemingly) bland object, we can end up with some very tasty morsels.  But woe to the […]

Q&A of a different kind

[space height=”HEIGHT”] [divider scroll_text=”Ask_The_Right_Question”] 1) What is the (most succinct and helpful) question (?)? 2) What is the (most appropriate and beneficial) answer (!)? [divider scroll_text=”Propose_The_Best_Solution”] This is one of the foundations of a leader’s fundamental ability to bring (greater) success to any situation.  Any physician, life coach, therapist, personal trainer (you pick the change agent) SHOULD […]

Fitness Professor

I have one of the most rewarding jobs ever.  I have the privilege of taking people of all ages and backgrounds on a quest into health, fitness and good nutrition.  It’s not always easy but it fulfills my passion to see people reach their potential, make a difference for others through service, and often change […]