We are constantly asked about coaching fees, speaking engagements, and strategic people leadership.  So here are a few answers to the most frequent questions that we receive:

  • Yes, we would absolutely love to speak about high performance or lifestyle change at your next corporate event.  Motivation and Leadership strategies are popular topics and we have some unique perspectives on why most motivation approaches are dated and rather ineffective.
  • Yes, we also do church staff coaching.  Chad is a certified UNHINDERED (biblical counseling for both church staff and volunteer leaders) coach.
  • Yes, we offer weight loss challenges for both individuals and for corporate groups or companies.
  • Yes, we can help set up event ideas for your church such as a health fair or group fitness or nutrition challenge.
  • Yes, we can customize a personalized program to help you achieve a goal you’ve been wanting to achieve.
  • Yes, we can work through relationship difficulties (dating, marital or family) that are weighing you down.

If you’ve never had a performance coach of any kind you can read this article, Coaching and Mentoring Article, to give you some insight or simply google the benefits of personal coaching.

What are your priorities in life and how well are you keeping them arranged?

We would love to partner with you, your team or staff.  Feel free to contact us here at Chad@leadershipdude.com for an inquiry into our LeadershipDude services.

Our most common service for personal coaching involves either an initial consultation (through video conference or simply email dialogue) to discuss the goal of the coaching session(s).  From there we are able to assess how we can be of greatest service to you.  We set up a specific set of goals and formulate a plan to reach it.  Scheduled follow-ups are a regular part of the package.  Here’s a rough example of what the process looks like.

  • Client Goal Discussion (1st)
  • Expert Analysis and Assessments (2nd)
  • Personalized Action Plan (3rd)
  • Scheduled Follow-ups (4th)
  • Reassess and modify plan if needed (5th)
Group Coachingdesigned for self-motivated individuals simply looking for expert coaching DescriptionGoal Assessment + Specialized Program based on goals $97 / MONTH
Personalized Coaching:

  • 90 day committment to insure results
  • Transformation Coaching includes personality-adjusted programming, life and performance coaching personalized to your unique needs

  • Assessment + Any Program Adjustments
  • bi-weekly checkins
$279 / MONTH